We are recruiting! Discover how practices and primary care providers can join this important study to collect patient perspectives.

CPIN is a bilingual infrastructure for primary care providers to engage with their patients. It enables digital sharing of health promotion messages and/or collecting patient feedback via digital surveys. CPIN operates under a not-for-profit framework. Conceived by University of Ottawa and Montfort Hospital family physician researchers, CPIN underwent rigorous testing and scaling over seven years. It has been adopted by more than 50 providers through different research projects.

Part of the CIHR-funded SPOR Canadian Primary Care Research Network (CPCRN) is led by the CPIN team to contribute to the development of a primary healthcare information system in which patient reported experience and outcome measures (PREMs/PROMs) can be collected across practices and linked with electronic medical record (EMR) data and administrative data to provide a more comprehensive picture of primary care in Canada. The CPIN SPOR project is focused on building a sustainable approach to collecting patient perspectives. CPIN is building the tools that make patient engagement easier, more accessible, wider reaching, and more reliable, so researchers, policymakers and practitioners can count on being able to get patient input in a timely, focused way and patients can count on a low burden system to capture and amplify their perspective. As CPIN learns from patients, the team will make data and findings available to participating practices to inform practice organisation and clinical care decision making. A larger data set from many practices may help identify patterns in primary care that can fuel better and more equitable health outcomes, especially for people with complex and/or unmet needs due to multiple, intersecting determinants of health including linguistic minority status.

What is expected from clinics/providers?

  • Use the Qualtrics platform or your own patient portal to send messages and surveys to your patients
  • Fill out two short provider surveys on the experience using CPIN
  • Conduct one interview with a manager or lead physician on their experience with CPIN data

Benefits for your patients and for your practice

    • Subscription to the Qualtrics platform for free for the duration of the project
          • Allows a practice to rapidly inform patients about emerging health topics or clinic operations
          • Allows patients to share their perspective and experiences with minimal burden on the practice
          • Offers practices timely reports on patient perspectives
  • Access to a library of messages and surveys on the CPIN website
  • $1000 compensation per participating provider for their time learning about the platform and providing feedback

Find out more

If you are interested in participating or would like further information about the study, please contact us at info@cpin-rcip.com or fill out this form. Additional information can be found on our website at www.cpin-rcip.com. For questions concerning ethical aspects of this research, contact the Hôpital Montfort Research Ethics Board at 613-746-4621, ext. 2221, or by email at ethique@montfort.on.ca.