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Health promotion and quality improvement plans made easy.

Our Services

Keep patients informed & decrease your administrative burden
Send messages quickly and efficiently with our low-burden automated communications system. Includes access to a bank of prepared, customizable messages – created by our healthcare team and shaped by patient feedback – on topics ranging from COVID-19 to clinic operations.
Drive quality improvement with patient feedback
Collect patient experience feedback using our bank of validated surveys, or create your own. Patient survey data is de-identified, collated, and reported back to you to help guide decisions and support QI in your practice.
Benefit from & contribute to the latest research
CPIN is involved with a number of innovative studies at the regional and pan-Canadian levels. From contributing to important primary care research, to gaining free access to CPIN services during study periods, discover how your practice can contribute to and benefit from participation in CPIN studies.
Data is always handled ethically and with the utmost security
To protect patient privacy, data is de-identified at the earliest stages of collection. It will NEVER be sold to pharmaceutical companies or other private entities.
Your privacy is paramount
Find out how CPIN safeguards your privacy by protecting your data and feedback.
Experience the CPIN advantage
Benefit from CPIN services through a paid monthly subscription – or for free by participating in one of our research studies.

Interested in learning more about CPIN and how it can benefit your practice and your patients?