Patient Outreach Messages

Keep patients engaged and informed, without taking time away from care and other clinic operations

How it works

With CPIN’s streamlined, automated messaging system, you can keep patients informed with the latest health or clinic information while reducing administrative burden on yourself and your team.

Our communications tool allows you to easily and efficiently send messages by email or text to all patients or to targeted groups of patients. It is as simple as selecting and sending the message of your choice from our library of prepared, evidence-based messages. You can also create your own messages, and if they are well received by your patients, they can be added to the library for others to use.

Our evidence-based messages are:

  • Developed and curated by a team of family physicians, and designed with patients in mind.
  • Written with a friendly practitioner voice using clear and plain language.
  • Available on a wide range of topics from the COVID-19 pandemic to health promotion, disease and injury prevention, clinic operating hours and more.
  • Customizable with your own clinic or region-specific information. Messages can also be tailored to specific patient groups based on EMR demographic data, medical conditions, or information needs identified through patient surveys.
  • Linked to approved, high-quality online health resources or bulletins that provide additional relevant information for patients
  • Ranked according to patient feedback on message usefulness
  • Available in English and French

Message Surveys

All messages include an invitation for the patient to participate in a short anonymous survey that assesses the value of the information provided. This information is used to help us continually improve messaging, and to rank messages based on patients’ perceptions of message usefulness.

Note: Messages are not intended to provide personalized medical information or diagnoses. Learn more here: Intended Use of CPIN Patient Surveys and Outreach Messages

Message examples

Below are some examples of messages that can be selected by primary care providers using CPIN. Note that messages can be edited to include information specific to your practice. All messages are available in English and French.