Our Studies

We’re passionate about advancing research that can enhance primary care delivery and improve patient health outcomes across Canada.

CPIN is actively involved with a number of studies at the regional and pan-Canadian levels. Our patient engagement and data collection infrastructure provides an ideal platform for research projects aimed at improving primary care performance measurement and service delivery. Our research ultimately seeks to facilitate evidence-based decision-making while reducing administrative burden on primary care practices, improving patient health outcomes and reducing costs across the healthcare system.

Learn more about our current studies and how your practice can participate:

Seeking primary care providers and practices! Join this timely and important study on the impact of tailored, targeted digital communications on reducing vaccine hesitancy.
This study is evaluating the impact of the OHH’s innovative service model designed to improve care coordination by bringing specialized and community healthcare services under one roof. Seeking family physicians from across the OHH catchment area to participate!
Find out how you can participate in this study assessing patient-centred communication and the role of patient feedback in family medicine residents’ training.