Aline Chrétien Health Hub (ACHH) Evaluation

This study is evaluating the impact of the ACHH’s innovative service model designed to improve care coordination by bringing specialized and community healthcare services under one roof. Seeking family physicians from across the ACHH catchment area to participate!

As family physicians from the University of Ottawa and the Montfort Hospital, we can help you communicate with your patients efficiently. We have funding that allows us to pay for the installation and support of CPIN’s automated patient engagement system in your office.

CPIN has received funding from the government of Ontario and the Montfort Hospital to evaluate the impact of the Aline Chrétien Health Hub (ACHH) which opened to patients in 2021. The ACHH is an $80,000,000 investment that aims to improve care coordination by bringing a wide range of specialized and community healthcare services under one roof in Eastern Ontario.

To properly evaluate its impact on the health of patients and primary care services, we need to hear from patients. The best way to compare the experience of patients who use the ACHH with those who do not is to contact patients via their family physician. CPIN’s automated patient communication system allows this to be done with minimal impact on the workflow in your office.

Benefits of CPIN for your patients and for your practice

If you participate in the ACHH evaluation, you will have access to CPIN’s automated patient engagement system. In addition to contributing to the evaluation project, use of the CPIN offers many benefits to your practice.

CPIN allows you to rapidly inform your patients about new procedures for clinic visits, availability of vaccines from COVID-19 to flu, or patient education materials for managing conditions like back pain. It also offers a reliable and confidential system to collect anonymous feedback on patients’ experiences by including a link to a short survey at the end of each message. You can choose from our library of prepared messages and surveys, or you can create your own. This system de-identifies your patient survey responses and reports them back to you, allowing you to better understand your patients’ experiences and information needs.

Learn more about CPIN’s benefits for patients and practices.

Participation is simple

We have recruited 29 family physicians across the ACHH catchment area and would like to include another 8 to get a broad representation of providers and patients. We are seeking physicians and nurse practitioners with a comprehensive family/general practice.

Participating practices will be asked to:

  1. Complete short questionnaires (5 minutes twice a year only) about their practice, use of CPIN and experience with health care coordination.
  2. Create a patient registry from the EMR (5 minutes with step-by-step instructions provided).
  3. Update your patients’ contact information to include email or mobile phone information on an ongoing basis for better outreach.
  4. Permit the research team to install the CPIN software which links to your EMR schedule if you want to send your own health messages before or after appointments.

If you choose to participate, we will compensate your practice with:

  1. A compensation of $500 to each provider.
  2. Free CPIN patient outreach and survey services for the duration of the project. This is a value of $500 per practice as a one-off fee and $500 per provider annually.
  3. Five hours of support for any quality improvement project you wish to pursue using CPIN.

Find out more

If you are interested in participating or would like further information about the study, please contact our team by email at For questions concerning ethical aspects of this research, contact the Hôpital Montfort Research Ethics Board by telephone at 613-746-4621, ext. 2221, or by email at